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Parman Farm Supply

Specializing in Livestock Oilers andcattle handling equipment.

For online orders email them to [email protected]

This website is being overhauled.  Prices are not up to date. Please Call or email for current prices. 

Easy Way Cattle Care

We are your year round, full service Easy Way Dealer.

Easy Way Cattle Saver Unit

The EASY WAY CATTLE SAVER is a complete unit for total coverage of your animals and adjustable for large or small animals. Internet Price $1349.00+shipping

Easy Mineral Feeder

The Easy Way mineral feeder and face fly fighter not only keeps the mineral and salt dry it also helps control: Flies, Lice, Ticks and Mosquitoes. Can Be shipped.Internet price.$425.00+shipping

3ft walkway

Helps control face flies, horn flies, mosquito's, ticks, lice and other parasites. You can add it any existing mineral feeder, steer stuffer or other feeders.Internet pirce $155.00+shipping

Stand alone Scratcher with walk way.

The stand alone scratcher comes with one chain scratcher. You can have up to three Scrathcer or three 3ft walkways.Internet Price $849.00+shipping

3ft walkway with mop curtain

Great for parlor entrances or exits in dairy or beef set ups. Internet price $189.00+shipping