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Parman Farm Supply

Specializing in Livestock Oilers andcattle handling equipment.

For online orders email them to [email protected]

This website is being overhauled.  Prices are not up to date. Please Call or email for current prices. 

Our Brush Oilers are strong, durable, and long lasting.

Single Spring Brush Oiler

Great for Cattle, Horses and Pigs. $249.00+ Shipping**

Double Spring Brush Oiler

Great for large steer's, bulls or other larger animals$289.00+Shipping**

Brush oiler stand

Makes it easy to move your oiler from pasture to pasture or move to clean area. $249.00+shipping

Goat brush oiler

Features steal tank, adjustable brushes, adjustable flow valve Works great for meat and dairy goats.$199.00+Shipping