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Parman Farm Supply

Specializing in Livestock Oilers andcattle handling equipment.

For online orders email them to [email protected]

This website is being overhauled.  Prices are not up to date. Please Call or email for current prices. 


We provide on farm sales, service, filling and installation of Livestock Oilers and other products in Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa and the UP of Michigan and other areas upon request. Our personalized service is second to none. You will not be disappointed, if you are we will make it right.

Most of our products and parts can be delivered or shipped to your farm or anywhere needed.

We service many makes and models of Live Stock Oilers and mineral feeders. We can send you parts and give you real time tech support during service work.

Services Include:

* Sales and on farm set up of oilers and Mineral feeders.

*On the farm Service of Oilers and Mineral Feeders.

*Filling of oilers with Conventional Insecticides and Organic Insecticides.

*Products and parts shipped directly to your door.

*Pails of insecticide shipped direct.

*Add on to your existing mineral feeder, steer stuffer, free stall barn or where ever fly control is needed.

$8.95 per gallon my price to (Minimum 20 gallons) service and fill you oilers.

Using the same mix as mine you could do your for around $5.95 a gallon.

On a 20 Gallon fill you would pay $60 to have me do the work for you.